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TheraPlate Reviews

My limited time with my TheraPlate has made me a believer!
My World Cup horse Maksymilian has been lame for a year and 8 months. We have done surgery, stem cell and finally before I lost hope and put him to sleep, TheraPlate has helped. He has a high bow in his carpal canal, lame even at a walk. Now he is trotting and cantering again! Thank you for helping me heal my boy!!

Jane Hannigan - Team Hannigan Dressage, Harvard, MA

Thank you so much for making the Theraplate Revolution Human Model. We have had the machine for 2 months and I have never felt better. As I told you when we bought the machine, I suffer from fybromyalgia and had terrible pain most everyday. I use the machine about three times a day for 10 minutes each time and I am pain free and my range of motion is about 50% better.

Thank you for a great product! Betty Jo - Broken Bow, NE

My three year old barrel juvenile/futurity horse has had major stifle issues for the last several months. Our vet tried everything including injections. Nothing seemed to help. We nearly decided to scratch the horse from the competition. A friend suggested we try the TheraPlate. It took her about 5 Minutes to get used to the machine, after that she got very relaxed and enjoyed the TheraPlate. Not only did we not scratch the horse, she ran her two fastest times of the year. I feel that we owe it all to the TheraPlate! I am so happy with the outcome. Thanks again for your help.

Jeanie - Kansas City, KS

My 9-year-old Oldenburg dressage mare, Lace, sustained a 21 mm tear to her deep digital flexor tendon in early February 2011. The veterinarian prescribed typical treatment for a soft tissue injury: stall rest with support wraps, anti-inflammatories, cold water therapy and 15 minutes of hand walking twice daily. We planned two shockwave treatments and I prepared myself for a long, slow recovery. A couple of weeks later, a TheraPlate was set up in our barn and I was fortunate to have access to it. I added 15–20 minutes per day on the TheraPlate to Lace’s twice daily walks. She easily adjusted to standing on the plate. By early April, Lace appeared sound at the trot, so we began gradual work under saddle. By early May we added the canter. To my surprise, we were able to participate in a dressage clinic in May; my trainer was pleased with Lace’s performance and especially her level of fitness following the layoff. On June 4-5, 2011 Lace and I competed in the Kansas Dressage and Eventing Association’s Recognized Dressage Show (one 3rd level test each day) where I earned my final score for USDF Bronze Medal. Lace has remained sound and continues to receive time on the Theraplate. Generally I groom and tack her up while she stands patiently on the plate. I attribute Lace’s Rapid Recovery to the Theraplate. In addition to the rapid healing it helped her to maintain her bone density and muscle mass, I also believe Lace benefited mentally from the plate. Her attitude to stall rest was remarkably better than with previous (shorter) confinements and she suffered no setbacks during the recovery.

Barbara Deenihan - Wichita KS