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TheraPlate FAQ

Q: Will my horse stand on it?

A: YES! Your horse will stand on it. In fact, because the Theraplate makes your horse feel good, they will want to stand on it.

Q: How often do I use TheraPlate?

A: Most treatment recommendation from TheraPlate consist of 15-20 minutes 2-3 times per day.

Q: Are there special electrical requirements to drive a Theraplate?

A: No. A Theraplate plugs into a standard 110V outlet and draws about the same amount of power as a microwave. Most customers will not see any noticeable change in their utility bills.

Q: How do I clean my Theraplate?

A: Simply using a broom or shovel should suffice in most cases, however for larger messes the Theraplate can be hosed down. While Theraplates are not entirely water proof, getting them wet is not a problem. Just make sure not to flood the machine as the seals underneath are not watertight.

Q: Where do I put my Theraplate?

A. The most common places for Theraplates are grooming stalls and barn isles. Because Theraplates are protable, it is not uncommon to see them set up outside at horse shows or in trailers. In fact, Theraplate can make custom sizes fit in your horse trailer or even whole stall installations.

Q: How does a TheraPlate demo work?

A: If you would like to demo a TheraPlate, please contact Winning Edge by calling us a 352-622-900 or emailing us here. We will arrange a time and date that is convenient for you to set up the TheraPlate at your farm and show you how it works. The demo period is 3 weeks. Should you decide to purchase a Theraplate, you will keep the TheraPlate demo until your brand new unit arrives. Generally it takes about a week for us to deliver a new unit.

Q: How do I pay for a TheraPlate?

A: Winning Edge accepts cash, check, PayPal and all major credit cards. Financing is also available through TheraPlate. No money down options for those that qualify. Payments start at $174.00 a month. 12 months no interest financing also available.

Q: Who uses Theraplate?

A: Horse professionals and enthusiasts of all breeds and disciplines around the world use Theraplate. Some notable users are:

Ted Turner
Debbie McDonald
William Fox Pitt
Hope Glynn
Candice King
John Lyons
Charlie LoPresti
Tim McQuay
Joel Kiesner
Wendy Potts
David Boggs
Mary Walker
and many more…