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Winning Edge offers consignment saddles and show clothing for sale including breeches, show shirts, show coats and tall boots. If you would like to shop our consignment inventory, Please follow one of the links below.

Consignment Saddles
Consignment Breeches
Consignment Show Coats
Consignment Show Shirts
Consignment Tall Boots

All consignment items are available for sale at our brick and mortar location in Ocala, Fl. Please call about saddles you are interested in before you make the trip as they do go on trial frequently and sometimes we do take them with our mobile unit.

Do you want to sell your used saddle, tall boots or show clothes? Please read our consignment contract below. You can also download the paperwork necessary to consign your items with us. 

Consignment Contract:

Consignment Fees

Store Credit



15% (Consignor earns 85%)

25% (Consignor earns 75%)


20% (Consignor earns 80%)

40% (Consignor earns 60%)

  1.  The minimum consignment period is 90 days. Items removed from consignment prior to 90 days from the contract start date will incur a fee of $25.00 or 10% of the item price set in the contract, whichever is greater.
  2. At the end of the initial 90 days, Winning Edge reserves the right to lower the price with consent of the consignor or require the consignor to retrieve the consignment item/s.
  3. Consignment items that are left for a period of longer than 30 days after the consignor has been notified to retrieve the consignment items will then become the property of Winning Edge and may be sold or donated to charity with NO prior notice to me, the Consignor. 
  4. It is the consignor’s duty to keep Winning Edge up to date with current contact information. If a consignor becomes unreachable for a period greater than 30 days, Winning Edge has the right sell or donate the consignment item with NO prior notice to me the Consignor.
  5. Winning Edge reserves the right to deem any item unacceptable for resale. Owners will be notified and be required to pick up or make arrangements for pickup of merchandise.
  6. Only saddles and clothing in the current style and in good, clean condition will be accepted. You may include accessories with your saddle, but Winning Edge is not responsible for them.
  7. Winning Edge does not take offers unless otherwise agreed to, so price your merchandise accordingly. The seller’s commission will be deducted from this price.
  8. We do allow customers to take saddles to try for fit with a credit card imprint. The trial period is 3 days unless there are special circumstances such as distance or holiday weekends.
  9. Winning Edge Tack Shop will try to follow up sales with a telephone call, but the seller should check to see if an item has been sold. 


Download our Consignment Contract.